Camedics Solutions

Intelligence to enhance health management

Processing in real time 100% of the data used in the interaction between patients – providers -procedures, Camedics’ artificial intelligence algorithms use a platform of solutions that protect lives and raise the performance of the Management of Health Operators, Hospitals and
Providers to a new level.

Pop View

Comprehensive Vision and Dynamic Monitoring of Population Health. 100% of the data in dynamic processing.

Millions of interactions between doctors, patients and providers around procedures are performed every minute within a population of beneficiaries of the Health System, generating a colossal amount of data. Humanly, it is impossible to follow them all simultaneously. In conventional systems, we work by sample and with a long delay to consolidate information that can reach 90 days or more.

Pop View is Camedics’ functionality that allows real-time control of patient`s health behavior. Not partially, but 100% of the lives in the system! Thus Healthcare Professionals and Managers can have total control of the evolution of patients’ health and the performance of providers. And in an easy way, which allows Managers and Auditors to have a complete view with time savings.

Pop Profile

Dynamic profile for grouping health events, resources and patients by criticality.

The demographic characteristics of population, their medical history and their performance within treatments are always evolving. The grouping of similar profiles within the population makes it possible to segment initiatives for more effective action in health management. The Pop Profile dynamically categorizes Healthcare System population, procedures and providers by criteria of relevance, use and criticality, and presents the data in a simplified and intuitive graphic interface. Thus, Health Managers and Doctors have an overview of the status of their base and their potential for action has been enhanced.

Pop Detect

Detection of future extraordinary events per life, estimated time of occurrence and changes in pattern.

Pop Detect by Camedics Camedics interprets each patient’s journey in view of the multiple particularities of the groups within the population and the specificities of each health institution. And it allows detecting deviations from exceptional processes and situations, from previously defined entities, which require a higher level of medical attention. Likewise emergency events that require immediate action are identified in Pop Detect. Thus, Managers and Doctors are no longer reactive and can act quickly and surgically in critical situations. Acting early can prevent them from evolving to more serious conditions with impacts on the well-being of patients and costs to the system.

Pop Forecast

Prediction, trend monitoring and projection of Providers and Procedures scenarios.

One of the biggest challenges facing Health Systems is to plan resource allocation. Camedics’ technology condenses and applies Medical Management knowledge to overcome this challenge. The Pop Forecast algorithms interpret the historical series of population data by identifying trends, designing scenarios and classifying their criticality. Thus Managers and Health Professionals can have a medium and long term vision to better allocate resources and mitigate.

The Camedics Platform has already been adapted to the new reality of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Pop Forecast Covid Upgrade offers scenarios of pent-up demand and dynamic forecast for reactivating Health System resources.

Learn more here about how the Pop Forecast Covid Upgrade allows you to set up an accident mitigation strategy in Pandemic.

Pop Workflow

Alert of deviations, critical and exceptional situations in the behavior of lives within the Health System with activation of medical responsibility and management groups.

When everything alarms, nothing alarms. An efficient incident reporting system needs to understand what is important to be highlighted and inform the right people at the right time for immediate action. Pop Workflow synthesizes Pop View sources, the countless dynamic reports of Pop Detect and Pop Forecast scenarios and activates the interest groups within the Health System so that the different actors can play in a coordinated and immediate way on the problem. Fast action contributes to a more effective result in preserving life and mitigating risks.

In addition to the central functionalities, the platform has exclusive
functions that allow security with flexibility:

Pop Hash

More advanced layer of data security and anonymity in line with the General Data Protection Law LGPD.

Pop Custom

The Camedics platform is self-adaptive, that is; with a simplified setup the algorithm ‘learns’ the rules and business parameters of each Health Organization.

Camedics Info Tracking

Customizable daily newsletter generated by AI for the main updates in the population for internal audiences.

The next frontier of Health Management has just began.

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