Understand, Predict and Act

Camedics’ Artificial Intelligence allows healthcare managers, professional and providers to have an integrated view of all patients and procedures, in real time. So the actors can follow the evolution of the population’s health today, anticipate future scenarios and act quickly.

The Intelligence that allows the Medical Auditor to focus on what matters most.

Auditors need to distribute their attention across multiple processes. As the volume and complexity of demand increases, it is subject to evaluation failures or overwhelmed in their processing capacity. Camedics’ solutions make it possible for the Auditor to invest his efforts only in what is critical, following in real time all other interactions and providing a safe environment of compliance with the rules of each Health Insurance Provider. The platform enhances and expands the System Audit capacity.

Camedics Solutions:
  • Pop View: Dynamic health profile of each patient and evaluation of each procedure. 100% of patients in real time.
  • Pop Profile: Dynamic Profile to population clustering
Identify extraordinary situations that the human eye cannot see.

Deviations in the path of the Patient can have a high cost for the System as well as for their lives if a corrective action is not applied early. The Camedics platform identifies these extraordinary events, looking at the entire population, not just a sample; and actively points out the criticality for Managers and Doctors to act on time.

Camedics Solutions:
  • Pop Profile: Dynamic Profile to patients clustering.

  • Pop Detect: Detection of future extraordinary events by patient.

Act intelligently today on future scenarios

Camedics’ platform sees, selects and interprets the essential historical data that allows an accurate and reliable projection of the evolution of the Population Health scenarios, enabling Managers to anticipate complex situations, plan demand, act preventively, mitigate risks and eventually avoid human and material losses. Artificial intelligence has never been more useful for human intelligence to save lives.

Camedics Solutions:
  • Pop Workflow: Alert of deviations, critical and exceptional situations in the behavior of lives within the Health System, Activates the interest groups within the System for immediate action.
  • Pop Forecast: Forecast, trend monitoring and projection of scenarios

The next frontier of Health Management has just began.

Make a call right now with the Camedics team and find out how our Artificial Intelligence will enhance your performance on Health Management. .