Advantages that only Camedics offers

More value with embedded Medical Intelligence, scalable, robust and secure.

AI from Physicians to Healthcare: Medical Connected Analytics

Camedics was designed by Doctors to increase the efficiency of Health Management and preserve lives. A pragmatic view of Health translated into Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Technology to serve Health, not the other way around. And that makes all the difference. Other systems on the market are unaware of the Medical nature of Health processes, and impose technological models disconnected from the reality of Doctors and Patients, forcing Health Managers to adapt. We understand that without the adoption of AI by healthcare professionals, technology does not fulfill its promise to increase the efficiency of the System. We were born from Medicine to Data Science, so our solution is easier to adopt and practical insights for Health Managers and Professionals to have concrete results. Medical Connected Analytics is the concept that defines Camedics, from dynamic insights of Medical origin to Management decision making with an impact on Health.

Real Artificial Intelligence

The Camedics solution constitutes a layer above traditional ERPs and BIs. Our algorithms feed on the data inserted in customers current ERP to provide the information in a dynamic way, analyzing not a sample but the integrality of the interactions between patients, procedures, health professionals and providers in real time. Above all, the algorithms identify, interpret the patterns and establish correlations, sometimes unattainable by specialists, offering high added value insights for the Health Administration. In short, Camedics’ algorithms’ learn ‘from the data, evolving with the use of always more accurate and adding more and more value. This is Artificial Intelligence.

A traceable solution

Camedics is not a ‘Black Box’ solution. A ‘black box’ is considered when the conclusions of Artificial Intelligence cannot be accessed by a process of regression or comparison. We have an open approach to building long-term and trusting relationships with the market. That is why the logic of Artificial Intelligence from Camedics is accessible to its customers and demonstrable.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Camedics applies the SaaS model of remuneration for using the software. The Customer does not purchase the software or need to host it on its corporate platform, which avoids new IT expenses. 

Cloud infrastructure to fly higher

Camedics processing takes place in the Cloud. The inherent advantages of Cloud Computing for the high scalability of the Camedics Solution is also an ally of the client for rapid implementation regardless of the size of its user base and its geographic dispersion. We run on the AWS Infrastructure which guarantees the highest standard of availability, stability, security and performance.

Data Security and Privacy

Privacy and security are fundamental concerns for Camedics and critical factors for the Health Sector. That is why we have incorporated the best information security practices, and applied the latest generation of hash encryption. We are aligned with the General Data Protection Law (GDPL) and have adopted Compliance rules that guarantee anonymity of the user base.

The next frontier of Health Management has just began.

Make a call right now with the Camedics team and find out how our Artificial Intelligence will enhance your performance on Health Management.