We create artificial intelligence so that human intelligence saves lives.

Taking care of millions of lives, with the same attention as taking care of one. Being able to understand the moment of all patients and the evolution of their health in real time. More than that, knowing where to act and when to act to preserve people’s health. Sometimes even before a risky situation occurs.

Camedics Artificial Intelligence was designed by doctors so that Managers and Health Professionals overcome these and other challenges. We are a Brazilian healthtech startup that has developed a family of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for population health management. Health Operators and Insurance Companies, Self-managed Companies, Hospitals and Diagnostic Medical Laboratories can now easily understand the health behavior of their beneficiaries. Fully and in real time.

Our AI in the cloud is capable of monitoring and interpreting data from millions of patients around tens of thousands of medical procedures, so that Health Managers, Professionals and Providers now have qualified information. Thus, more informed decisions are made in a timely manner to reduce risks to people’s health, mitigate accidents and allocate medical resources effectively.

With Artificial Intelligence, we enhance Management efficiency in Health and people’s well-being.

We are Camedics.

About us
Dr. Leslie John P. Clemence
Physician and Data Scientist

Physician with 22 years of experience, specialist in preventive medicine. For 02 years he served the Brazilian Army in operations in the Amazon rainforest. He worked in family medicine, emergency room, outpatient. For 15 years he worked in Health Management at major Operators such as Vitallis Saúde (MG), São Francisco Saúde (SP) and large hospitals such as HMC (MG).
Developer since always, IT Director for 05 years in a large operator. Python, Pandas, sql, Bigdata and A.I.is your day to day.
Executive MBA in Health from FGV, Postgraduate in Health Systems Auditing from Universidade Gama Filho / Unimed, Physician from EMESCAM.

Leonardo Policarpo
Marketing, Strategy and Business Development 

MBA with 23 years of experience in High Technology Multinationals such as Honeywell, Siemens and Sharp. He led Marketing, Strategy, Communication and Web areas in Latin America, focusing on Digital Transformation initiatives. And always enthusiastic about new technologies.
Executive MBA from Insper, Postgraduate in Marketing from ESPM – São Paulo and bachelor in Advertising from the Federal University of Minas Gerais – UFMG

Sandro Camata Santana
Technological Partner

Entrepreneur, since 1998 he controls Evológica, a Software Factory with a consolidated portfolio of Systems developed for the Insurance Sector. Created the Curió development framework, perfected by years of R&D using model-oriented development technology (MDD), and developed apps such as eSegurado and DocTeam. He was Professor of Computer Science at the Federal University of Espírito Santo – UFES

The next frontier of Health Management has just began.

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